Book Design & Layout

Client: Dan Goldfarb
Date: DECEMBER 2021
Services: Book Design & Layout, Art Direction

“This project was 2 years in the making and so close to my heart that when thinking of a designer that can work with me on this book, I couldn't think of anybody else than Diego. From the concept and ideation of the book to his execution and close attention to detail, Diego spent long days (and nights) making sure we didn’t miss anything! His superb technical skills made this book what it is today; simply outstanding.

Diego not only designed the book covers and layout of every page, but he also guided me on every photoshoot with his extraordinary Art Direction skills. He retouched, color corrected and manipulated over 1500 photos that this book has to enhance every pixel. A huge undertaking. We worked closely polishing the copy and editing over 500 pages.

Diego created teaser videos and mockups to show me at every step of the process and developed an interactive website where you can flip through every page of this book and download a digital copy. I’m very impressed by his unlimited resources to solve every problem that arose throughout this process and his dedication until the last minute of the last hour overseeing the printing process. I can't thank you enough for making my book a timeless masterpiece.

Dan Goldfarb Guinness World Record Holder

Project Info

Mantos is a 500 page book with over 1500 images, showcasing the Guinness World Record for the largest collection of soccer jerseys of the same team. The largest collection of soccer jerseys is currently 811, and was achieved by Daniel Goldfarb in Bal Harbour, Florida, in 2018. Daniel is a fan of Argentina's River Plate. The club is based in the Belgrano neighbourhood of Buenos Aires. Established in 1901, it was named by FIFA in 2000 as the ninth best team of the 20th century.

Client: Dan Goldfarb
Date: December 2021
Services: Book Design & Layout, Art Direction
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